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Below you will find just some of the websites that I have developed featuring a variety of different industries.   I build websites as a hobby.  

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HomeSellers FSBO - is a site designed to offer marketing services to homeowners who want to sell their home on their own.  Take a look at this site to see some of the options the website offers.  My goal is to make it easy for visitors to navigate and get the information they are looking for.

Concerned Angels - is a site designed to feature an investigative reporter (Sandy Golden) to present his past work on removing drunk drivers from all roads across America.  Sandy was very successful in past years and is now going back to finish his work.  At this time a movie is in the making to honor his past work.

Choose Salvation - is a site designed to feature YouTube videos that address subjects related to the End Times.  I have watched many videos on the subject and have chosen, what I feel, are the best ones.  The goal here is to save time for those who want to research the subject.  Todays churches aren't talking to their congregations about how close we are to the coming rapture.

Wine Cruse - is a site designed for sail boat cruised in San Diego Harbor and parts of the ocean.  The site offers different cruise types and features.  Although the site is no longer active it is still available to view.  It is another approach to web design and gives you another option.

Lafayette Relocation - is a site designed for a Real Estate Consultant who entertains those who want to move to the Lafayette/West Lafayette Indiana community.  She works with those who are considering a move to Indiana.  Most clients are being interviewed by a local company and considering going to work for that company.

Dalton Finance - is a one page site designed to expose a company that was scamming investors online.  This is a simple site.

Golden Moment - is a website that promotes the production of a movie.  It further promotes the website shown above.  The move, when completed, will help once again get the drunk drivers off the road.

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Gold Coin Scam - When an innocent person contacts some of the larger gold coin companies wanting to purchase bullion, the salesperson will convince you to purchase Gold and Silver Coins.  It’s the old “Bait and Switch” technique.  They talk to you about your interest in purchasing bullion and convince you that Gold and Silver Coins is the only way to go to expect higher profits.  They are very convincing and they are lying to you.  

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Seeing America Up-Close - I decided to take off in a new RV to see America.  After all the years of hard work I decided I deserved to travel the country and see places that I have always hoped to see.

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